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Dental Implants

Drs. Neil Vora and Greg Villeneuve are proud to be able to offer their patients the option of implant placement and restoration. They have both taken extensive training to be able to offer options in most aspects of implant therapy.

How Does a Dental Implant Help Me?

Dental implants are useful for a wide variety of applications, the most common are single tooth replacement, denture stability and support, and full fixed restorations.

Single or Multiple Teeth Replacement

Implants can be placed where a tooth was previously extracted or, in select cases, immediately after extracting a tooth. The implant can be thought of as a replacement tooth root that can be kept forever if well taken care of (like your natural tooth). You can have a single implant placed for each tooth lost, or for all teeth you once had. A crown is then placed on each implant, or bridges can be placed to span multiple teeth. These bridges or crowns can also be replaced on the same implant if ever broken or if a new configuration is desired.

Removable Denture Options

If you have a poor fitting set of dentures or even a good set but you are tired of the movement of your upper or lower denture, an easy and economical option is to consider option of attaching your existing denture to dental implants (depending on bone availability and the quality of your existing denture). Whether a partial denture or a complete denture you can have an implant placed and either your existing denture can be fit to the attachment or a new one can be made.
Conus is a new option that offers the rock solid stability of a fixed solution (see below) with the ease of cleaning and care offered by a removable option (a denture that you can remove from your mouth).

Fixed Dentures and Partials

If you have just a few teeth or none at all it is possible to replace all the teeth with just a few implants. There are some  amazing possibilities that offer an entire upper or lower denture that is fixed in place to as few as 4 or 5 dental implants (very case dependent, not everyone can have exactly this). This field is growing by leaps and bounds and what was impossible just a few years ago is now routine. 

Planning, planning, planning...

It’s important to note that, if planned correctly, removable implant configurations can be converted to fixed implant options which can also be converted to crowns and bridges. It’s all about the proper planning of placement. 
As simple as it all can sound, dental implant therapy is complex and there are many factors to consider that make placement possible and implants reliable, some cases require multiple extra steps and surgeries, and in very few cases it may be impossible to place an implant. It’s important to have a thorough evaluation of a proposed implant site and decide together, with one of our dentists, what is possible, what to expect, and how best to get exactly what you want. 
The possibilities are endless with dental implant therapy. However the responsibilities are the same, keeping an implant clean is as important as keeping your teeth clean, if not more. You must be prepared to be meticulous with your oral hygiene for dental implants to be an effective option.

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