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Esthetic Bonding

Many people believe that cosmetic dentistry is out of their reach because it is too expensive. dental treatment is more affordable than ever! If you are looking to make small changes to the appearance of your smile, however, you might wish to consider cosmetic dental bonding to address concerns such as chips and gaps in your smile.

Affordable Esthetics

Esthetic bonding can be a great option to improve your appearance and confidence in your smile. Esthetic bonding generally means we utilize white composite filling material to repair or alter your current teeth to improve their appearance.

The most common reason for doing this is to fix the look of your front teeth due to many reasons such as crowding, spacing, rotation, wear, fracture etc. By bonding white filling material on your front teeth the shape of your teeth can be changed to look straighter and more natural.

A Whiter, Brighter Smile

The other common reason to do this is to change the color of your teeth. If your teeth are dark or stained on the surface due to coffee, tea or smoking, generally whitening or bleaching your teeth is a better option to remove the surface stain. However if your teeth are stained INSIDE and not on the surface due to malformations or medications, then esthetic bonding is a great option as it can cover the discoloration and improve the appearance of your front teeth.

Conservative Cosmetics

A big advantage to esthetic bonding is its very conservative. Often, we are adding material to your teeth so there is little cutting or removal done to the teeth since material is just being added. This often means there is no anesthetic necessary and the work is very conservative and can be reversible. Another added bonus is because esthetic bonding is using composite filling material it is often covered under your dental insurance plan as a basic treatment option. We do not need to create a lab restoration because all of the work is done right here in our office. We can complete most treatment in one visit!

If you have questions about your benefits, we are happy to help! Our knowledgable team can estimate your out-of-pocket expenses, if any, so you can avoid a surprise.

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If you don’t like the appearance of your front teeth or they are worn, chipped, broken or discolored then esthetic bonding could be a great option for you. If you have any questions or would like to see if bonding is a good option for you then feel free to call Currie Barracks Dental in Calgary, Alberta and we would be happy to help. Our friendly team looks forward to welcoming you to our dental office.

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