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Implant Dentures

Dr. Vora and Dr. Villeneuve have taken extensive extra training in implant placement and restoration to better serve the needs of our patients.  We are happy to see you for a no-charge dental implant consultation to discuss the many options available with dental implants.

What if I Already Have Dentures?

Dental implants can be a life-changing option for people living with poor fitting dentures or even with dentures that fit well but still move around, as dentures tend to do. Implants can be used to "retain" a denture or "support" a denture. "Implant-retained denture" means the implants help stabilize the denture and keep it rock solid in the mouth but the denture is still touching the gums (tissue supported). "Implant-supported denture" means that the denture is held completely by the implants and it doesn't rely on the gums for pressure while chewing. 

If you have dentures that you are happy with (or happy-ish with!), then implants can be placed such that your dentures are attached on little clips (like press-buttons). These "locator" attachments will keep your denture solidly attached to your jaw with slight functional give. A more economic option includes two dental implants and locator attachments. Implant dentures can change the way you eat, speak, and socialize because of added security and confidence.

I Need Something a Little More Comprehensive

Dental implants can be used to replace all or some of the teeth in your mouth but they can also be used to anchor dentures as though they are a new set of teeth. Implant-supported dentures can be made in all sorts of configurations dependent on the bone available, the budget and the expectations of stability and appearance (esthetics).

There are too many options to comprehensively cover in this article, but all options can be discussed with your dentist at Currie Barracks Dental. Suffice to say with as few a 5 or 6 implants you can often get a denture that you only remove to clean effectively but feels, looks and functions like a full set of brand new teeth. The same thing can also be fixed in place so that you don't have to ever remove them but can clean around them. 

Planning, planning, planning...

It’s important to note that, if planned correctly, removable implant configurations can be converted to fixed in place implant options which can also be converted to crowns and bridges. It’s all about the proper planning of placement. If you place them correctly and care for them properly, they can benefit you for life.

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